We’re getting a lot of Japanese site traffic tonight (or early tomorrow afternoon, depending on your perspective.) The domain referrers make it look like the Trixie Update has been referenced in some kind of business news. Since I don’t speak Japanese, and the Babelfish translation isn’t making any sense, would one of our new visitors mind leaving a short comment to fill me in? thanks in advance!

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  1. thomas says:

    Your site was mentioned in a news site(http://japan.internet.com/).

    I’ve got a 18months daughter; your site is
    very interesting.


  2. Gen Taguchi says:

    hello, this is Gen Taguchi from Japan. I featured your site on my site, http://www.100shiki.com/ yesterday. this is probably because you got heavy traffic… i also feed my articles to http://japan.internet.com which has over 70,000+ subscribers.

    i am sorry not to tell you in advance, i hope this did not cause any kind of trouble…

    by the way, 100shiki.com features “dot-com of the day”. i introduce interesting ideas from overseas to japanese market. you site is very insightful and could not help to write about it:)

    in case you are wondering what i wrote about your site, i tried to translate my article below, hope it makes sense.

    Title: Good old customs.

    My friend is keeping a diary for his new baby on the web, well, to be exact, his wife is.

    he showed me that diary the other day, i found it interesting that she (his wife) is keeping it from baby’s point of view. so instead she writes “my husband hugged the baby today”, she wrote “my dad hugged me today!”.

    according to him, it is easier for mothers to write like this. interesting given the fact that i have not had one baby yet.

    in any case, it is very heart warming to read diary about babies. the same with TrixieUpdate.

    this site is a diary of Trixie, 10 mon and 27 days old. unlike traditional diary, it keeps tracks of baby’s sleeping time, milk & diapers consumption.

    by keepting this blog type diary with comments and trackbacks, “the whole community can foster the baby”, which became very rare now a days. we use to foster the child not only by parents but also by friendly neighbors.

    very good, old customs.

    like TrixieUpdate, how can we use technologies to revive good old customs…. that is the question.

    thanks for your insightful idea. please be sure to call me up when you are in Japan!!

    thanks again,
    Gen Taguchi

  3. benmac says:

    Hi Gen,

    Thank you very much for writing such a nice article about our site. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting the Trixie Update. The extra traffic didn’t cause any trouble — I was just curious about what kind of article it was. It was very generous of you to translate it for us. Thanks again! And if we ever get to Japan, we’ll be sure and call.

    All the best-

  4. KatyMac says:

    Wow Ben- Trixie’s gone international! You’ll have to start her early on learning Japanese…
    It was great seeing you this week-end. She’s cute as ever. Miss you guys!

  5. John says:

    That’s an interesting point about the comments system allowing us to act as “friendly neighbors”.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    That is an interesting idea that we can help “foster” the baby. Of course, we can’t change a poopy diaper online for Ben when he’s feeling overwhelmed, but I’m sure the connection helps. I know that stay-at-home parents often feel more isolated nowadays, as people are more likely to be separated from their families.

  7. Rob says:

    It takes a village to change a virtual diaper.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been looking for an appropriate thread to post about my overwhelming gratitude for the information and well… presence on this site. Others have written about the anthropological and sociological value, but I am attesting to the psycological support you have provided.

    My husband found your site when our daughter was about a week old during a Google search for high-contrast images. (This was early February). I then spent about two days of baby’s-asleep-and-I-should-be-too time reading every word and feeling better by the minute. I took to clicking by to see what Trixie was up too. I can’t express how comforting it was when I was dragging myself around at 3am to pop into the TTU and see how Trixie’s night was going.

    Seriously, I think you saved my sanity.

    Now Rowan is 5 months old and I read back through the archives at the beginning of each month instead of checking _What to Expect the First Year_.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work, beautiful photography, and delightfully well-written articles.

    long-time lurker and first-time poster,

    P.S. We are your mountain neighbors in Asheville!

  9. benmac says:

    I’ve been mulling over this idea all day. At first it was just an interesting observation, but the more I think about it, the more strongly it resonates. From my perspective, the comments and discussion (especially from some of our well-spoken regulars) are the lifeblood of this site. It’s one of the reasons that I give new comments such a prominent position on the home page. The latest comment – on any story or TPOD – will show up at the top of the list. Whatever small insight or observations I offer in a story are usually matched 10:1 by our readers with real-life advice, humor and support (that often are more interesting/better-written/funnier – take your pick – than what started the discussion.)

    After thinking more about Gen’s idea, I realize that I certainly depend on this site as more than just a comments forum. We have received so much advice and support when it comes to taking care of Trixie, ranging from little things like what shampoo to use to major developmental pointers. And while I know that all of this information can be found in parent message forums and baby boards across the web, you guys are willing to make your comments here.

    In that sense, I think Gen is right — this community is fostering Trixie (and her parents.) thanks again everyone-

    P.S. Stephanie: I’m glad we can return the favor

  10. It looks like Taguchi wrote about Trixie Tracker the next day, too.

    He says:
    People often ask to buy the system for his website, 100shiki, but since there’s not much to it–just a simple publisher and mailing list manager– he always turns them down. (Don’t tell Joi Ito that! -g.)

    But then as he thought about it, maybe there’s something to that idea; the people behind TTU are demonstrating that it’s possible to make their sophisticated infant diary information system available across the web. They launched Trixie Tracker to sell the functionality to other parents.

    It’s conceivable that it could become a convenient tool for parents all over the world. Even if it seems like a small thing, if you can systematize something valuable or convenient that you have, you can make it available to others. Who knows what might be born from it?

    Or something like that…