I wanted to thank everyone again for all the advice that poured in today. It was a real eye-opener. So much advice has been posted to this blog since its creation, but today’s comments were just so immediately applicable. We took a special grocery store trip this afternoon and are all set.

Anyway, as a small token of appreciation, I’ve got a TPOD going up for Saturday (the last time there was a weekend TPOD was eight weeks ago!) So thanks again. You guys are great!

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4 Responses to Thanks

  1. John says:

    By the way, we feed Colum these nice frozen organic mixed berries straight out of the freezer. We have to slice up the blackberries and strawberries but he loves them. I figure with Trixie’s taste for ice, she might really enjoy this.

  2. hannah says:

    Yes, Sophie also LOVES to eat frozen food. She begs us for frozen peas, carrots and corn and sometimes throws a tantrum when we refuse to indulge her freakish preferences and microwave the food. Thanks for the TPOD and keep us posted on the food experimentation. Could you make it on some kind of chart which guages how much she likes it, kinda like how you used to assess her mood (cooperative, etc) on a scale way back in the day?

  3. Leslie says:

    Hope the finger foods are going well. If you find that Trixie preferentially goes for the waffles, crackers, bagels and toast, you can sneak in the nutrition by: buying whole grain and spreading something nutritional on top. Hummus is my top choice but tahini, avocado(as someone else suggested) and yogurt work well as toppers too. My son hardly notices the difference. Well he looks a bit put out when the hummus is on his nilla wafers but he’s pretty agreeable with it on most everything else.

  4. DavidNYC says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Ben!