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NYC readers

We no longer live in NYC, but if you do, it looks like there’s going to be a little segment about the Trixie Update tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I have no idea what kind of story it is, but it will … Continue reading

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Still Mammals

I wanted to revisit a couple of points on this topic before moving on to something else. I’m still amazed at the final production numbers. I had no idea what to expect when I ran the data, but over 9,000 … Continue reading

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We’re getting a lot of Japanese site traffic tonight (or early tomorrow afternoon, depending on your perspective.) The domain referrers make it look like the Trixie Update has been referenced in some kind of business news. Since I don’t speak … Continue reading

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We're all Mammals

As we approach the one year mark, it seems like a good time to look back over Trixie’s milk history. Our initial goal was to feed her breast milk until 6 months, then to get through winter, then 9 months … Continue reading

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First Walk

Trixie took    eight steps    this morning traveling a       total of  two feet. The feat has not been repeated, but it’s pretty legitimate – Trixie has walked. In the two previous days she has taken a step or two, but without … Continue reading

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Back on Course

Thanks again for all the great ideas. We’re sorting through and trying out everything. We’ll revisit the food report at some point and see how things are going. In related news, posting will probably be a little light this week … Continue reading

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This is a nightmare

Well, I thought I hated mealtimes last week. As reported on Friday, thanks to the overwhelming advice posted here, we have turned our feeding operation around 180 degrees and now Trixie is only self-feeding. The fact that she took to … Continue reading

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I wanted to thank everyone again for all the advice that poured in today. It was a real eye-opener. So much advice has been posted to this blog since its creation, but today’s comments were just so immediately applicable. We … Continue reading

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The Food Report

Currently, the absolutely worst part about owning a baby is the feedings. Not the breast or bottle feedings — there’s nothing too tricky about that after the first couple of weeks. I’m talking about the food feedings. The three-times-a-day, get-that-the-hell-away-from-my-mouth, … Continue reading

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She missed the bowl

As reported last week, we had only intended for Trixie to get used to going in the bathroom with us and get familiar with the new potty. She surprised us by actually getting very familiar with the potty — four … Continue reading

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