Recovery Week

The Trixie Update is going on a break until next Monday. Last week really took its toll on us. The vomiting wasn’t such a big deal, but the lack of sleep was devastating. Plus Jenn has been on call and she’s on call again this week. Sorry for the downtime, but we’ll be back, recharged, and ready to report. See you next week!

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7 Responses to Recovery Week

  1. a father says:

    I can relate.

  2. FrumDad says:

    Bye! Have a good recovery week, and I look forward to visiting the blog when you’re back. And you gotta respect the TPOD tie-in.

    “People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.”
    Leo J. Burke

    (Google Wangle: Orthodox Jewish Father)

  3. hannah says:

    Hope you get some rest and all feel better. Trixie, please sleep for your parents!

  4. hannah says:

    p.s. looks like you’re headed for a new diaper leak record!

  5. John says:

    Enjoy the break. May your nights be filled with slumber.

  6. rachel says:

    sweet dreams!

    i thought you would be interested to know i am using you page which i found online for my senior (college) statistics project

  7. Keith says:

    I hope you guys are feeling better. It will be good to see pictures of Trixie again. Hope to see her again real soon.