Trixie Telemetry Update

This is probably going to be the last post I make on TTU about Trixie Telemetry because…

I am happy to announce that we have created a new web site to answer questions and keep you informed as we continue to develop the software. (And also because this site is really supposed to be about Trixie.)

Our new software site is:

You can find more information about our new Trixie Tracker service and the Trixie Code at this site. There is also a place to sign up if you are interested in participating in beta testing.

In the meantime, we’ll still be here documenting, charting and graphing, just as soon as we catch up on some sleep.

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4 Responses to Trixie Telemetry Update

  1. Dave says:

    sounds like a great service… hope it is running in time for my first child due to arrive 01/02/05! if your still in beta then i will drop another email (i signed up without a beta request as i assume it will be running by then) with a beta request. thanks ben, i think if this is marketed right you will make a lot of money and make a bunch of happy parents. i have no intention of posting the data to the internet but to have a personal record is wonderful.

  2. benmac says:

    I can definitely say that we’ll be completely up and running by January. And while I can’t commit to a release schedule yet, I am thinking in terms of months (I just don’t know if it’s going to be a couple, a few or several…)
    Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Keith says:

    Ben, great job with the new venture. I hope you use the money from it to fund Trixie’s college experience.

  4. Dawn S says:

    I enjoy reading all this. I am a stay at home mom and will be having another little one in about 3 weeks or so. We plan to nurse as we did with my first one who is now three. I wanted to give you a little info on the breast milk maybe you didn’t know. If it does get old, freeze it in a little freezer bag (just keep a few of these on hand with about 4-6 oz of milk in each bag) and when and if you or someone burns themselves, this old milk can be used to treat the burn. My husband has burned himself a few times on the oven or stove and we just get out a frozen bag (and mine are quite old, now, maybe a year or so ago) and thaw it under the water faucet. I take a kitchen towel (clean one, please!) and soak up the milk in it and put it on his hand until the burning sensation goes away. Not only does this feel good, the redness and swelling goes away, too.
    Dawn S