Pedialyte – when hummingbirds need a pick-me-up

The advertising on the box says to use Pedialyte instead of sports drinks or juices to replace lost fluids in sick children. I’m surprised this line of thinking hasn’t been picked up outside of the dehydrated baby market. Pedialyte should be the ultimate underground sports drink. There could be a cult of Pedialyte junkies tearing up the court in pick-up games across the country. It could be kind of like that pacifier fad back in the 90’s.

Anyway, Trixie staring crying about 10:30 last night. Jenn went to comfort her but came out holding a wet blanket. We thought maybe her diaper had leaked. We go back in, turn on the lights, and see that she had thrown up everywhere. Food was splattered on the wall, the floor, the sheets, Frank, the bear, her clothes. It almost seemed that maybe she started throwing up in the standing position and then ran around the crib a few times. To use an art metaphor, it was Pollack in action, minus the drinking and cigarettes.

This was the first time Trixie had thrown up in maybe 7-8 months. We were a little concerned, but it looked like she had just eaten too much during the day. Otherwise, sometimes babies get a little stomach virus. It’s normal, although not particularly comforting at 11:00 at night.

We gave her a bath to get all the throw up off, got her some fresh, clean clothes and took her to our bed since her stuff was all in the washer. Three minutes later, she throws up again. Sheets, pillows, mattress cover, herself and Jennifer – all covered in it. Jenn gave her another bath (actually the third for the day, because we gave her one before bedtime) while I stripped the bed and tried to figure out who gets to sleep where.

We dried her off once again, did the fresh clothes thing (for both Jenn and Trixie) and decided that she needed to drink some fluids. We did haven’t any clear juices in the house so I had to make a trip to the grocery store. While Jenn was holding Trixie and looking for Pedialyte coupons, Trixie threw up again, completely covering both of them. (Somewhat unfairly, I didn’t get thrown up on the entire night.) Jennifer and Trixie had to take one last bath (the 4th) while I ran to the store.

Triumphant in procuring white grape juice and Pedialyte, we tried to get Trixie to drink some. No dice. I don’t really blame her. The stuff is insanely sweet, maybe a little like refined and concentrated Red Bull. We kept cutting it with water to see if she would drink some until we had worked our way down to 1 part Pedialyte to 1000 parts water. At this point we just her a couple of ice cubes in washcloth, which she greedily sucked and put her off to bed.

Everything seems fine this morning. She has some sleep to catch up on but is drinking plenty, and is happy.

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14 Responses to Pedialyte – when hummingbirds need a pick-me-up

  1. meibell says:

    Poor Trixie. We ussually combine the juice with water (1 ounce of juice and 2 ounces of water) when my daughter get sick. If she haven’t eat anything, the soda crakers are good too.

    Once Maya started throwing up (she was 9 months) she got better after 24 hours but then me and my husband got sick with the same virus.

    hope Trixie gets well soon

  2. Sebastian says:

    I am said husband (the one who “got sick with the same virus”) and I gotta tell you… be *very* careful… those stomach flu viruses can be really nasty.

    After that experience, every time our daughter starts looking a little sick, I start washing my hands every single time after touching anything related to her. They (the virii) are very contagious and can hit you really hard.

  3. hannah says:

    Oh no! Poor puking Trixie and poor puked-on Jenn. It’s so sad and horrible when they throw up b/c they have no clue and just do it everywhere, as you’ve learned. They need to invent a breathable feed-bag style barf bag for babies – maybe you could work on this. It would save a lot of messes. Hope everyone is feeling better (and cleaner).
    Well wishes!

  4. eduarda says:

    First of all congratulations for your site!
    I am froma Brazil and I loved your pictures!! I would like to know what kind of camera do you use?


  5. Kelly says:

    Hi. I found your site through the N&O article. I’m a full-time mom of a 23 mo. old here in Cary. I love your site. It’s interesting to see what other babies are up to and parents of course. It’s alittle weird visiting your site w/o knowing you personally…I feel a bit nosey:0)

    Anyways, I read your latest entry about your long night. We had a similar incident a few weeks back and I wanted to suggest popsicles. They were the only thing that worked for fluid intake. The only drawback is now everytime I open the freezer, Jack (our son) yells for popsicles!! It was the first time he had been introduced to them. You can find all juice ones that are healthier than the sugar pops. They really seem to do the trick for preventing dehyration.

    Hope Trixie continues to feel better. And you have a better night.

    Kelly D.

  6. benmac says:

    Sebastian: It does seem to have been too much food this time, but we’ll keep an eye out for any future virus.

    Hannah: We ended up putting a “bibster” (thanks, Shauna) on her after the third time. Not quite a barf bag, but a step in that direction.

    Eduarda: Glad you like the site. Camera info is in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) located below Trixie Telemetry on the site home page.

    Kelly: Thanks for the popsicle suggestion. I also thought about making some Pedialyte ice cubes, but didn’t get around to it.

  7. Nicholas says:

    Our son only had one barfing episode. We think he picked up a Norwalk type virus from the Wakemed pediatric emergency room. He was there getting stitches and we let him play with all the toys in the waiting room. The same toys played with by all the other sickies.

    I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor holding him. Neither of us were wearing my clothes. It made it a lot easier to clean up. Luckily the episode did not last all night.

  8. DavidNYC says:

    We ended up putting a “bibster” (thanks, Shauna) on her after the third time.

    I thought the RIAA got an injunction against those guys.

  9. Jessica says:

    There actually is an underground pedialyte cult following outside of the dehydrated baby market – not as a sports drink per se, but as a hangover remedy.

  10. Shaquana says:

    I hope she feels better… (but Im glad that wasn’t the picture of the day!)

  11. benmac says:

    Since I wrote the story, I’ve also heard about the hangover cure thing. But what I really want to know is if anyone has ever seen a Pedialytini, like the Red Bull martinis. I’m positive this will be the new power drink. Red Bull fueled the last boom, Pedialyte will power the next.

  12. Valerie says:

    I tried to drink Pedialyte after I got really sick in college and was ready to go to the hospital for dehydration. That stuff was so disgusting, that I threw it up. Pretty counterproductive, don’t you think? I don’t know how kids can drink it. Have you found any other remedies since this story was written?

  13. benmac says:

    Diluted apple juice. That’s pretty much the only thing she’ll drink when feeling bad.