That’s a lot of diapers. I’m still shocked when I step back and think about the total number she has gone through. It’s depressing.
Our Diaper Timeline

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One Response to 2,000

  1. Kanyi says:

    Am 12 weeks pregnant and am starting to budget for diapers. This is helpful but I have to tell you its also depressing!

    So far I’ve bought 2 boxes of pampers new born diapers and it cost me $8o!!!!! With 216 in each box, and approximating 10 diapers a day thats only enough for 43 days!!!!!!

    Oh why are they not born potty trained?

    Question for you are the expensive diapers worth it or can the cheap ones do?

    Thanks for your diligence in keeping track of this its really helpful!

    Best wishes to you and your family.