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Baby for Sale (new reduced price!)

This week is going to be a slow one. There were some story ideas for the site, but that was before we went to sleep last night. Since that time my brain has shut down thanks to Trixie’s horrible sleep … Continue reading

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Programming Schedule

Next week is “I’m Lazy Week” on the Trixie Picture of the Day. Join us for dramatic, never-before-seen images of Trixie in stroller parked in front of different pedestrian scenes from around the neighborhood. On a related note, we’re taking … Continue reading

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Deh Deh Deh Deh Deh

Trixie has been babbling deh/da/dah variations for the past 4-6 weeks. Now, before anyone gets excited, I don’t believe “deh-deh” means anything in her world. For one thing she doesn’t distinguish between me or the empty cardboard box on the … Continue reading

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Poll: When do Cheerios become a problem?

Where do you draw the line between breakfast cereal and debilitating addiction? Let’s hear your opinion in the latest Trixie poll! When do Cheerios become a problem? The cereal dust level in the house reaches 200ppm: 28 You serve Cheerios … Continue reading

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The Cheerio Syndrome

Looking over our monthly budget I realize that we are spending like $200 a month on Cheerios. This is insane. I’ve been trying to keep track of her baby food expenses, and like a fool I was only looking at … Continue reading

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Signs of Self-preservation

Trixie shows no hesitation whatsoever when it comes to getting down from an elevated surface. Whether she’s on the bed (28″), the couch (18″), or the file boxes (11″) she is perfectly confident in her ability to crawl straight down … Continue reading

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