2 down, 18 to go

Sometime yesterday, or maybe the night before, Trixie finally cut her first teeth. The good news is that there’s been an improvement in her crankiness level and her sleep patterns are (mostly) back to normal. The bad news is that these new slivers of enamel are sharper than X-ACTO blades. More accurately described, it’s like there’s a piece of broken ceramic embedded in her gums with a razor’s edge just barely breaking the surface. I’m keeping my fingers far away lest I lose one. Notwithstanding the danger, these teeth were hard fought for, and deserve recognition. The first I christen Chopper, the second Excelsior.

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5 Responses to 2 down, 18 to go

  1. John says:

    They *are* sharp, but the dull down in a couple of weeks. All that stuff Trixie likes to chew on will help that along.

  2. FrumDad says:

    Resist, however, the temptation to give her sandpaper to chew on.

    And be particularly nice to Jennifer. Trixie will, occasionally, accidentally, totally not-her-fault, chomp down.

    And then you’ll see how much your wife loves your daughter, because she (Jennifer) will yelp and pull away, but not actually drop the baby.


  3. fred says:

    Might as well have her use ’em while she’s got ’em: need any wallpaper taken down, or packages opened?

  4. Amanda says:

    When could we see a picture of those teeny, tiny teeth?

  5. monk11876 says:

    fan of family guy huh? i recognize the names from an episode were stewie was teething. by the way, my first is on the way in about five months.