381 hours

In case anyone was wondering, it was a changing table accident.

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10 Responses to 381 hours

  1. Tarek says:

    So sorry to hear about the diaper breach. You guys were truly on a run. I’m a new reader, but I want to tell you that not only am I impressed, I’m thoroughly proud of a fellow dad with a maniacal commitment to his little one. I only wish I had the flexibility to match your astounding level of detail about my own nine month old.

  2. John says:

    Why does everyone consider a changing table accident a “diaper leak”? If your baby is al fresco and has an accident that isn’t the fault of the diaper is it? Your record should continue!

  3. benmac says:

    For diaper logging purposes, I define a “leak” as a peeing or pooping event that creates dirty laundry. I used to call them “hassle” diapers, but stopped because nobody knew what the hell I was talking about.

    So while a changing table accident isn’t the same as diaper failure, it generates the same amount of mess and work, and that’s what I’m really measuring. Anyway, thanks for the support. We’ll set a new record soon!

  4. John says:

    Just found out. My wife is preganant! This was the very first month we tried and her first off birth control so I doubted it would happen but it did…! Hope to have your telemetry up and running but Jan 2005!

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. benmac says:

    It’s always exciting to find out that your boys can swim. Congrats.

  6. John says:

    i have i feeling i am unlike most men (except for maybe Ben) in that since my wife and i decided to have a baby i have been consumed with reading baby websites, learning about timing of conception etc. because i read so much i knew that the likely hood that my wife would become pregnant after years and years on the pill and in the first month of trying was very poor. but somehow it happened.

    now i am worried about complications and having a healthy baby… that and the due date (which of course has to be confirmed because ovulation could have been anytime this month since my wife just went off the pill) is 1/2/05 which is a pretty darn close to a new years baby which hopefully won’t happen… primary OBGYN doctors don’t like to work those days. 🙂

  7. Rob says:

    John, hopefully it’ll come a few days early. That way, you’ll get to take the deduction for an extra year. 😉

    And Ben… I’m sorry for your loss.

  8. istya says:

    Aww, man…too bad about the record…I was starting to think about planning a party for the 400th hour,hehe. Anyone consumed with soaking up as much baby information as possible is not alone, my wife is due with our first in November. Keep up the great work, Ben, and Viva la Baby!

  9. schaff says:

    “Soaking up baby information” — is that a diaper joke?

  10. John (Davis) says:

    Another John! It was bound to happen…

    Ben: my wife calls them “diaper accidents”.