Involuntary Standing

Yesterday morning Trixie balanced in the standing position without assistance for about 5-10 seconds. I was excited by this development, but for her it was completely unintentional and very unwelcome.

I was helping her stand up when I noticed that her body language seemed slightly different and more responsive. So I pried my hands free from her steely claws and backed away. Much to Trixie’s distress, her stabilizer muscles and balance kicked in automatically. She was not happy about this new behavior her body was exhibiting. Not at all. She was like, “LEGS!, you’re pissing me off!! STOP STANDING!! Put me DOWN!” Of course, her legs were not about to give up their newfound freedom and she had to manually override them by doing a controlled collapse onto the floor.

I picked her right back up into the standing position and she automatically balanced again – even more upset this time. “I said STOP IT! YOU STUPID LEGS!! GET DOWN!” After two more times, she refused to straighten her legs at all, and the exercise became as futile as trying to push a piece of rope.

I’m hoping she’ll get the hang of it eventually. Right now, however, her legs and I are on Trixie’s shit list.

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One Response to Involuntary Standing

  1. fred says:

    Well, she’ll either get the hang of it or she’ll be so traumatized and grumpy that she’ll force everyone to carry her around until she’s 21. Do you think she would stand better if you make her angry first?