We just moved! The Trixie Update’s new home is Please change your bookmarks, and bear with us on this first day at our new location. There are going to be a few minor problems – things that I’ve missed – but they should all be fixed by the end of the day. If you notice something acting up on the site (besides Trixie’s sleep cycle), please let me know so I can troubleshoot it. thanks-

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  1. hannah says:

    I think maybe we need a BenMac Telemetry – up at 2:25 a.m.? And you wonder where Trixie gets those sleep habits . . . Maybe Jenn should Ferberize you.

  2. benmac says:

    You got it backwards — I learned it from watching her! I would go to bed around 7pm if I could, and that’s without screaming.

  3. Jonnay says:

    I dig the Trixie Update. Telemetry is coo. Congrats on the domain name. Now you guys need an RSS feed!

  4. Jonnay says:

    Arg, nevermind. I found it.

  5. benmac says:

    John scooped us! We do have a piece in the NYtimes. He gets today’s award for most informed web citizen. thanks-