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2 down, 18 to go

Sometime yesterday, or maybe the night before, Trixie finally cut her first teeth. The good news is that there’s been an improvement in her crankiness level and her sleep patterns are (mostly) back to normal. The bad news is that … Continue reading

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381 hours

In case anyone was wondering, it was a changing table accident.

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2004: A Diaper Odyssey

As Telemetry watchers have noticed, Trixie’s diaper count brought us into the 20th century this past weekend. This did not pass unnoticed here at TTU. Starting with Trixie’s 1,946th diaper, and the watershed year of 1946, we’ll be looking at … Continue reading

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At the time of publication we are currently enjoying the longest stretch of uninterrupted, leak-free diaper usage in the history of Trixie’s life — 318 hours, approximately 13 days. It’s taken us a long time to get here and the … Continue reading

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Next Week

There won’t be anything new up this weekend besides the TPODs, but next week should be interesting. Trixie’s erratic and grumpy sleep cycles are definitely the result of teething. The knobby, little bulges have been swelling under her gums for … Continue reading

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TTU in the NYT

I’m excited to let our readers know that there is a great piece by Pamela O’Connell about the Trixie Update in today’s New York Times Circuits section. Here’s the article (free registration required). Don’t miss the accompanying illustration! Now, I … Continue reading

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Involuntary Standing

Yesterday morning Trixie balanced in the standing position without assistance for about 5-10 seconds. I was excited by this development, but for her it was completely unintentional and very unwelcome. I was helping her stand up when I noticed that … Continue reading

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Who likes TPODs?

Do you really like TPODs, or are you just saying you like TPODs? In the spirit of migrating everything to the new site, I cleaned up a batch of early photos that were put up before the Trixie Picture of … Continue reading

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It was about this time last year when we found out that the thing that kept kicking Jennifer from the inside out was going to be a female life-form. I have to admit that I was at a loss the … Continue reading

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We just moved! The Trixie Update’s new home is Please change your bookmarks, and bear with us on this first day at our new location. There are going to be a few minor problems – things that I’ve missed … Continue reading

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