You have to be this tall to ride

Why did the mere act of standing upright elicit such a reaction of terror in Trixie as seen in the TPOD from March 24th (photo taken March 4th?)

For Trixie, standing up that tall – even with support – was a little like being at the top of a roller coaster. It took her a while to slowly pull up that high, and once there, the view was exciting and new. But just like fairgoers poised to plummet as they ease over the top of the hill, Trixie started to freak about how she was going to get down. She would shriek and howl in terror because she was totally stuck.

The problem was that she hadn’t figured out how to release and climb down (or even release and fall) and so she had to be rescued every time.
But then — just like any good thrill-seeker — as soon as I’d help her down, she’d start climbing right back up again.

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