Paper Shredder

Reconstruction of Partially Eaten Paper

The lesson here is that you really can’t do paperwork with an infant around. She got this piece of paper in her mouth faster than you can blink. In the second it took me to grab her, she had already torn off a few pieces. I could see the scraps of paper stuck all over her tongue as I tried to scoop them out, but she was just as desperately trying to swallow them and hollering all the while. As you can see from the photo, I got a little of what I wanted and she got a little of what she wanted. I would probably call it a tie.

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2 Responses to Paper Shredder

  1. fred says:

    Trixie sounds an awful lot like my pet rabbit, who at this point in her two year old life, has consumed the better part of the Cleveland Public Library

  2. hannah says:

    For the love of God, give that poor girl a cracker or something. A communion wafer would probably satisfy her. It’s a shame she has to reduce herself to the eating habits of a goat (and apparently rabbits too). Glad to see you guys at least came out even – I think it would have been really demoralizing for you if Trixie got more than you did. Watch out for next time, though. She’s onto your plans to thwart her paper habit and will probably start sneaking it.
    Just wait til she finds the glue – now there’s a tasty snack.