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Any chance it's time for a nap?

As I have stated many times before on this site, sleep is really the only thing that new parents want. They want their baby to sleep and they want to be able to sleep themselves. And they want both to … Continue reading

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The Trixie Code

Interested in setting up Telemetry for your baby? Good news! We’re working on making it a reality. The Trixie code has quietly been under development for a while now. But due to the recent demand, we are accelerating our schedule … Continue reading

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We have company

I’d like to welcome all the new visitors to the Trixie Update. We’re experiencing a tremendous traffic spike thanks in large part to this very flattering link on I know that a lot of people are interested in the … Continue reading

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Bath Week

Next week is Bath Week on the Trixie Picture of the Day. Come join us for 5 days of wet and wild TPODs starting Monday.

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You have to be this tall to ride

Why did the mere act of standing upright elicit such a reaction of terror in Trixie as seen in the TPOD from March 24th (photo taken March 4th?) For Trixie, standing up that tall – even with support – was … Continue reading

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Standing News

Trixie has been pulling herself up and standing for about a month now. Maybe a little longer, I can’t remember anymore. Once she became vertically mobile — in addition to horizontally mobile — she demanded 10 times the attention. There’s … Continue reading

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More of the same

We’ve been taking a beating on the comments board, over the phone and in person – it’s time to make another apology for the lack of posts. There are lots of good excuses; most have to do with Jennifer’s horrific … Continue reading

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All done

Trixie has finished her medicine, and she has no problem showing us what she thought of it.

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The Food Report

We’ve been feeding Trixie solids for 2 months now. As readers know, we started her on the ever-present Rice Cereal. It’s become strangely familiar and comfortable since that first awkward encounter. I’m so used to the smell (and taste) now … Continue reading

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Paper Shredder

The lesson here is that you really can’t do paperwork with an infant around. She got this piece of paper in her mouth faster than you can blink. In the second it took me to grab her, she had already … Continue reading

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