Mount St. Trixie

Turns out that Trixie is sick. I took her in for an unscheduled doctor visit yesterday because her left eye had been very teary for the previous 12 hours. She was perfectly happy, but pitiful to look at. Her one eye was constantly welling with tears to the point that there was a steady stream running down her face. The diagnosis? She had caught a little bit of our cold and it had clogged the tiny, tiny baby ducts that drain the everyday tears that lubricate her eyes. With nowhere to drain, the tears were overflowing, leaving Trixie looking like she had just attended a marathon funeral. There’s no need to treat it unless the area gets swollen (i.e. infected), so we’ll just keep an eye on it.

However, it turns out that she does have an ear infection, and so Trixie’s getting her first prescription. Considering that the liquid Amoxicillin comes in a great bubble-gum flavor, you would think that Trixie would eat the stuff up. But no, trying to squirt the oral syringe in her mouth is more difficult than when I’ve had to do the same thing to a cat – even though babies don’t have claws. In a matter of seconds this morning’s dose splattered all over her as the pink liquid erupted, gurgled and bubbled out of her mouth like a grumpy volcano. Only 18 doses to go.

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10 Responses to Mount St. Trixie

  1. jen/mom says:

    Does anyone have some good suggestions for how to successfully get the medicine in Trixie’s mouth?
    Thanks in advance for your ideas!

  2. Charlie says:

    Jet injector?

    Actually, do a little at a time, after she gets the hang of it she will probably suck it right out of the syringe.

  3. Amanda says:

    Although it can be hard to do, try to get the syringe in the back of her cheek, past her tongue, where her molars will be once she gets them. This takes some practice, but if you can get it back there, there is less chance she will taste it. Also, I agree with Charlie. Do a little at the time. Henry used to suck it out of the syringe once he figured out that it wasn’t really that bad! Another suggestion is to maybe give it to her about halfway through a bottle. This way she can drink something after she takes it to get the taste out of her mouth.

    Good luck!

  4. jen/mom says:

    Great ideas, you guys! We’ll have to try the “aim for the back and go slow” method. Actually, thank goodness Ben is around to handle most of the medication dosing; I end up with more liquid dribbling down her chin than making it down her throat.

  5. DavidNYC says:

    Could you theoretically put the medicine into the bottle and mix `em up and then feed her the bottle?

  6. hannah says:

    I agree with the slow and steady approach. Sophie is also a horrible medicine taker – Ben is right, it’s worse than a pet. But at least you know Trixie has a vibrant sense of self and isn’t going to take such violations without giving her best fight. We ended up having to give Sophie fever-reducer in her little butt – suppositories – but I guess you can’t do that w/antibiotics b/c your gut-to-butt needs bacteria, or something, right doctor?

  7. Benmac says:

    I’m sure that even if suppositories were an option, Trixie would still find a way to make a huge mess – and it might not be limited to spilled Amoxicillin.

  8. Charlie says:

    Ben, your lack of confidence is a little off-putting. How about posting some progress reports instead of just writing the situation off wholesale?

  9. benmac says:

    Depends on what kind of confidence you are talking about. I have complete confidence in my ability to medicate her – she might scream bloody murder, but it will end up in her stomach. The job will be done. Confidence in Trixie to help or cooperate? None at all. She clearly has her own baby agenda, evidenced by her predilection to try to eat everything in the house (except her medicine) and the inexplicable hour and a half scream-fest last night at 3:30am.

    To be fair though, we are making progress. She is more than halfway through the medicine and is no longer clawing at her ears like a crazed monkey.