Everybody Wins

Jennifer just hit the jackpot! Just now, she happened to be the lucky changer of diaper number 1,500. What sort of prize did she win? A nice full, non-leaky, non-poopy, perfectly routine, cute little wad of Trixie pee. Trixie also came out ahead with a clean, dry diaper. And I get to set a new one-year diaper target.

Her diaper usage today stands in sharp contrast to those early months. When Trixie hit 500 diapers at 44 days old, I estimated a worst-case scenario of over 3,686 diapers in the first year. We’re happy to see that we will actually come in well below that amount. I now project that we’re going to hit right around 2,000 diapers when July 31st rolls around – just as long as Trixie continues to cooperate.

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2 Responses to Everybody Wins

  1. Amanda says:

    SHHHH! I see Trixie took a long nap this morning! YAY!

  2. Charlie says:

    I would encourage all viewers to click on the “Full log” and check out the persistent napping trend starting to form from Feb 12th to Feb 19th.