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Mount St. Trixie

Turns out that Trixie is sick. I took her in for an unscheduled doctor visit yesterday because her left eye had been very teary for the previous 12 hours. She was perfectly happy, but pitiful to look at. Her one … Continue reading

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There's not a lot of redundancy built into the system

Apparently if we get sick, no new stories get posted to Trixie Update. It’s one of the downsides to not having an intern. We’ve both been sick this past week. I’ve been fighting a losing battle against a cold and … Continue reading

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Everybody Wins

Jennifer just hit the jackpot! Just now, she happened to be the lucky changer of diaper number 1,500. What sort of prize did she win? A nice full, non-leaky, non-poopy, perfectly routine, cute little wad of Trixie pee. Trixie also … Continue reading

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Baby for sale

There’s not going to be a lot of new posts this week. Trixie is totally regressing in her sleep habits and it’s taking a toll. The screaming is back too. Hope to catch up with the stories after I find … Continue reading

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I'll never order a chocolate Frosty again

Conventional wisdom states that babies can’t be toilet-trained until they are at least 2 years old. The reasons given for this range from the psychological to the physiological, with most agreeing that the necessary reflexes and muscle control take that … Continue reading

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6 month doctor's visit

Trixie’s 6 month monthiversary wasn’t totally without observance. We did swing by the ole docs office to pick up another barrage of shots and the requisite measurements. She’s smack in the middle of the weight average and on the upper … Continue reading

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6 months

Without any fanfare, Trixie turned six months this past Saturday. Of course there was supposed to be fanfare, but Trixie’s newfound ability to crawl and subsequent fussiness coupled with another relentless week on call at the hospital conspired against us … Continue reading

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