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Site Schedule for the next 6 months

Posting will probably be light this week because Jennifer is on call again, and that generally severely limits the amount of free time available for the Trixie Update. Unfortunately, this is something we’re going to have to deal with every … Continue reading

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Second Food

In a word, carrots. We are feeding her food twice a day now. A frustrating and humorous proposition that is logistically equivalent to trying to tie your shoe with just one hand. You actually need about five: one to hold … Continue reading

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Butternut Baby

Trixie has now had her first food: Butternut Squash. I realize we previously awarded Rice Cereal this distinction, but after careful consideration it really is more of an adhesive than a grain, and we are retracting the honor. She seems … Continue reading

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NutraFin for your healthy baby

More TTU readers prefer Nutrafin Max to Rice Cereal. In addition to tasting better, Nutrafin contains pre-digested plankton and will not cloud the water when used as directed.

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New in Telemetry!

Trixie Telemetry now offers full access to the complete Sleep Log. If you would like to see more than just the last day of her sleep patterns, click on “Full log” in the Telemetry section and select a time span … Continue reading

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Sleep Cartography

This horrible, random mess is a visual representation of the past 45 days of Trixie’s sleep cycle. As in the Sleep Log, yellow depicts awake periods and blue sleep. The format has been vertically compressed with higher contrast colors to … Continue reading

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The Final Frontier

There are three variables that must be managed to raise a human child. Energy intake, waste removal and unit recharging. During the course of these past five months the first two have vexed us at the Trixie Update to no … Continue reading

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Paper Mâché vs. Rice Cereal

There is actually no winner here. Paper mâché and rice cereal are completely interchangeable. Rice cereal is disgusting and much better suited for piñatas than the human digestive system. Paper mâché can also be mixed with breast milk but, unlike … Continue reading

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First Food

The distinction of first food goes to “rice cereal” — a questionable accolade in my opinion because it looks like mica and smells like fish food. But if people want to call it food, then I guess I’ll go along. … Continue reading

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