Trixie has been behaving horribly the past couple of days. She screams bloody murder on the floor, whimpers when held and wails in the crib. We were almost hoping that she was sick in order to provide some kind of explanation, but alas – no fever. So who knows? Maybe she’s teething, maybe she’s constipated, maybe it’s payback for all the rice cereal. We really have tried everything to make her happy. The point of this entry? Just a reminder that babies are not always a bouncing bundle of joy and occasionally they take A LOT of work.

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2 Responses to Cranky

  1. Amanda says:

    Trixie’s behavior is most likely related to learning to crawl. As soon as she really gets the hang of this crawling thing, she will probably go back to being her normal, pleasant little self. Hang in there!!

    P.S. Love today’s picture! She is getting cuter as each day goes by!!

  2. hannah says:

    Ouch. I saw that and felt your pain, again. I agree w/Amanda, as I said in another post, but maybe sarcastically. Anyway, if you ever want to trade for the day, maybe it would make us all saner. Sophie has cabin fever in this weather and I wanted to strangle her yesterday. Maybe a switch-a-roo is in order one of these days to relieve the saturation factor. Lemme know.