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Poll: What do you think Trixie sounds like?

You’ve heard the screeching (if not, take a listen). Now it’s your turn to decide what Trixie sounds like: Vote in the latest Trixie poll! What do you think Trixie sounds like? Alley Cat: 27 Brain-eating zombie: 22 Creaky door: … Continue reading

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The Latest Noise

All the phonetic sound clusters are gone. As are the cooing and soft noises. All Trixie does now is screech. And sometimes squeak. Somewhat unbelievably these are the noises she makes when happy. If she’s upset, it’s either screaming or … Continue reading

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Trixie has been behaving horribly the past couple of days. She screams bloody murder on the floor, whimpers when held and wails in the crib. We were almost hoping that she was sick in order to provide some kind of … Continue reading

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Trixie can Crawl

She followed me into the kitchen this morning. My initial reaction was similar to discovering that a stray animal has followed you home. It’s cute but also a little bit alarming. Are you supposed to feed it? Does it have … Continue reading

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On This Day in 2003

The obligatory grainy ultrasound photo. This is the first visual evidence of what eventually became a Trixie.

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New Poll

Trixie’s overnight sleep cycles are greatly improving. Out of the last 10 days, she has only woken up twice in the middle of the night. And for the other eight nights she averaged close to 10 hours each! This is … Continue reading

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For an explanation of these images please see: Sleep Cartography and The Good, the Bad and the In-between

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The Good, the Bad and the In-between

(or How Random is Random?) I’ll admit my bias as a visually oriented person. I am personally drawn to Trixie’s Sleep Maps for their intricate, cartographic patterns. However, while these charts are excellent at expressing disorder — a single glance … Continue reading

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Tender Sweet Peas or Toxic Waste?

Only a taste test can tell for sure. Trixie’s third food is the most visually compelling so far. It also has quite a peculiar viscosity: sort of frothy but also gloppy and slimy. Shoveling the green, mucky paste into her … Continue reading

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First Food Revisited

The squash has worked its way through Trixie’s system. Up until this point, we’ve been extremely lucky when it comes to Trixie’s poop. First of all, when a baby only drinks breast milk, the poop is pretty innocuous. I’ve discussed … Continue reading

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