More Up-to-the-Minute Data than any other baby website!

That’s right. As you can see above in the new “Trixie Telemetry” panel, the Sleep Log has finally been added. There will be more about it very soon, including an analysis of almost a month’s worth of data that visually illustrate Trixie’s sleep cycle and help explain why my brain slowly stopped working several weeks ago.

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3 Responses to More Up-to-the-Minute Data than any other baby website!

  1. Amanda says:

    Love the sleep log!!!! Today’s picture is truly pitiful! Those tears – it could just about break your heart!

  2. hannah says:

    Trixie is guilty as charged on the catnapping front. Why bother w/those 40 minute naps? Can’t you just combine them, Trixie, into a real nap? Also, congrats on your great new diaper lead records. That should make your liability insurance premiums get lower. Glad to see TTU back to its former glory!

    p.s. Showed TTU to my dad and he is hooked – he thinks it is the most hilarious thing ever. Granted, he is easily amused, but still, thought you’d like to know that your fan base is expanding in the hard to capture over 55 demographic.

  3. schaff says:

    The new Trixie dashboard is to Trixieheads what the lower-third stock crawler is to those who favor Maria Bartiromo. We can see clearly that Trixie, like Martha before her, is already thinking multi-media with Telemetry that will translate nicely into the television of today and tomorrow.