Next time we're going to get a cat instead

Today was a very bad day. I’m no longer going to make predictions about when new stuff is going up on the site because it only takes one night to undo a healthy state of mind and bring the whole enterprise to a grinding halt. Once again, my brain is sluggggish and fuzzzy from the lack of sleep, and the screaming just won’t stop. The screaming. the screaming…

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3 Responses to Next time we're going to get a cat instead

  1. cynthia says:

    I’m a regular visitor to the Trixie update, but this is my first comment (I’m avoiding studying; the Little Bit has been put to bed, so no excuses for me).

    So sorry about the lack of sleep! I was at school all day and Martin watched our little girl all day for the first time. He also had his first experience with the negative repercussions of ignoring her if she starts to get a little upset. So we feel for you!

  2. hannah says:

    Appropriate pic of day – Trixie looks like the towering atomic baby again. It’s like you took a psych eval test where you draw your family. Here, you, Ben are very small, and Trixie is big and scary. And she thinks it’s amusing – she’s drunk with power. Baby is boss. Perhaps we should charge Trixie w/abuse of her parents and send her to baby court for an adjudication. Baby court was a brainchild borne of similar frustations with Sophie.

    p.s. on a more practical note, could it be teething? Nevermind, why bother wasting the energy w/the “why”s, just accept your powerlessness

  3. hannah says:

    P.S. Checked in today to see if thing were better. The pic of the day today confirms my worst fear from the last pic of the day: you feel small and helpless compared to an overwhelming Trixie. Is there a Dr. Phil for parents?