Latest Sleep Score: Trixie 126 – Parents 1

We got great advice from the doctor regarding Trixie’s sleep schedule: Put her to sleep at 8pm, wake her to feed at 11pm, and then put her back down for the night. This schedule is designed to break Trixie from expecting to eat between midnight and 5am. If she wakes up during that time, we’re only supposed to comfort — but not feed — her.

The first night was an absolute disaster, and left me feeling sick from sleep deprivation. However, the second night was an unparalleled success. She went to sleep on her own at 7:45pm. We woke her at 11pm and put her back down after she took a bottle. She cried at 3:24am. I went in and held her, put her back down, and then she slept until 7:45am. Now we still didn’t get an eight hour block of uninterrupted sleep, but it’s better than anything else that’s come along. Trixie is also happy today after sleeping so well. Let’s just see if we can do it two days in a row.

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  1. Charlie says:

    I have such enthusiasm for the mission and confidence in its success.