4 Month Doctor's Visit & Help Wanted

Trixie went to the doctor’s again today. Got the usual measurements and another complement of shots. She’s currently 13lb 2oz, and 25 1/4″ tall (long). I’d like to present the latest height and weight in the standard graph format, extrapolating her rapid growth to ridiculous 12 month levels, but the disrupted sleep thing is wearing me down too much. My higher level brain functions are turning to mush.

I think what I really need is an intern here at the Trixie Update. Someone to do the legwork and research for the different stories. They could also execute some of the simpler graphics templates. Database (MYSQL) and PHP experience would be fantastic because I’m currently sitting on the Diaper and Sleep Logs due to design issues. (The Sleep Log in particular is a very rich and revealing visual representation of Trixie’s horrific sleep habits.) I just haven’t had time to pull these Log packages together and get them up on the site. There are also a number of other stories we have sitting on the back-burner. Just wanted to let our readers know that we’re trying to get rid of the backlog. Maybe I can work out a semester internship program with one of the local colleges.

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2 Responses to 4 Month Doctor's Visit & Help Wanted

  1. hannah says:

    So sorry to hear about the recent problems at TTU and in the Trixie household and then ensuing dip in morale. I think a perky intern would do the trick. Don’t forget about all the local high schools too – those kids have energy that needs an outlet – maybe you could talk to a juvi ct judge and become a community service site?

  2. Shauna says:

    Sorry about the lack of sleep around the house…I cant help with sleep training as I practice attachment parenting and that is not in my dictionary as my 13monther still gets up sometimes, but I may can offer you an alternative to check out called the No cry sleep solution by Elizabeth Pantley or http://www.pantley.com
    She works miracles…Good luck!