9 hours 4 minutes — in 3 hour chunks!

Last night was a disaster. Not only did Trixie not sleep through the night, she divided her total sleep time exactly into thirds to maximize the inconvenience. Her 1 am and 4:30 am awakenings were made more painful by the fact that we secretly hoped for a repeat of last night’s uninterrupted 8 hour stretch.

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4 Responses to 9 hours 4 minutes — in 3 hour chunks!

  1. Carol says:

    As self-appointed President of The Trixie Fan Club of Orlando (membership: 2) I would like to ask on behalf of my members just what Trixie did on Thanksgiving Day to tire her so she slept 8 hours. We certainly hope that she wasn’t preparing the turkey by herself…my membership voted that she should have at least had help with the basting! Also, Great-Granddaddy Marvin asks what brand stop watch you use to time her sleeping habits

  2. hannah says:

    Don’t give up! It sounds like Trixie is getting the hang of it and is just exacting revenge, giving it one last hurrah, to see if you’re serious. We forgot to tell you the golden rule of sleep-training – never celebrate or gloat or even say how good it was or you will jinx yourself. Sorry to blame the victim, but I fear this is just the way of the world. I still haven’t learned my lesson and continually jinx myself into misery w/Sophie. I won’t congratulate you on the 8 hour sleep, lest I further infuriate the baby sleep gods and jinx you further. Hang in there!

  3. benmac says:

    Both our parents live within 5 minutes of each other in Raleigh, so we always do a double duty when we go there. Thanksgiving was even more so, and Trixie was just a little over-stimulated by the end of the day. As far as timing her sleeping habits, it’s all calculated on the computer through a web application, so there’s no watch.

  4. benmac says:

    As a parent I agree, it’s probably healthier to take a measured approach when discussing sleep-training, but as an editor it’s my responsibility to claim bold, arrogant victories (no matter how short-lived) and then wallow in crushing, devastating defeats. At the Trixie Update it’s all about the screaming headlines.