First Self-Sleep

This could become the most practical milestone we have achieved. It took almost 40 minutes of frustrated crying before she fell asleep for a mere 60 minute nap, but that’s a small price to pay in the long run. What’s at stake here is Trixie’s ability to fall sleep by herself and comfort herself. Up to this point, we were only able to put her in the crib when she was already asleep, and she would often wake up in the transfer.

Now we are ready to put her in the crib when she starts exhibiting sleepy behavior — the funniest of which is balling up her hands and rubbing her eyes — and she should learn to go to sleep. Of course, it’s possible this afternoon was just a wishful anomaly, and Trixie might have no intention of going to sleep without a bottle in her mouth or a warm body holding her.

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