Reboot the Baby

We just came through a harrowing couple of hours — at least I think we’re through it. Trixie choked on a bottle of milk earlier around 5:30. This in itself isn’t that scary. It happens often enough. She’ll be too excited, too distracted, too sleepy or just too starving to moderate her gulping. The milk will go down the wrong pipe and she’ll snap to real quick as we yank her upright to cough it out of her.

Tonight, however, was different. The coughing turned into persistent rapid-fire hiccups accompanied by tiny but disturbing raspy gurgles. For about 2 hours she was stricken with these convulsing hiccups. She was able to breathe fine (and scream) but it sounded like something was in the back of her throat or nose. She was also hungry but we couldn’t feed her because she kept coughing and gasping on the milk when the hiccups would hit. Exhausted, she eventually fell asleep and the hiccups gradually tapered off, but she was still shuddering and sputtering in her sleep for at least an hour. Trixie was much better when she woke, much like a rebooted computer. The symptoms weren’t totally gone, but she easily and greedily drank down a whole bottle. Even now, 5 hours later, it’s not totally over. She’s still surprising us with a few isolated abnormal gasps.

At any rate, this ordeal has consumed and distressed us for the entire evening, and we’re not sure if we’re out of the woods yet. Worst case is that she coughed some milk in her lungs that could turn into pneumonia, but we’ll be on the alert. I guess this is what it’s like to worry as a parent.

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2 Responses to Reboot the Baby

  1. Carol says:

    What a dreadful experience. Trust all three of you have recovered and there will be ho complications for Trixie.

  2. Aunt Bobbie says:

    How scary! How lucky to have a Dr. in the family, but it sure is different when it is your own baby! Hope all is well now.
    I only just discovered that this website is still active. What a great way to keep us all informed, and I hope you are saving these for a book, complete with photos by Dad and illustrations by Mom or Aunt Shannon.
    Happy Thanksgiving.