Shaken and Stirred

Granted Trixie is cute, but I can’t stare at her exclusively all day long — there are things to do. Often I hold or feed her while I’m reading and writing. Engrossed in my work, I’ll cough or sneeze without giving any warning. Catching a baby off-guard with a violent noise or body reverberation is a risky gamble. If I’m lucky, the only effect is her huge saucer eyes staring at me in terror. If not, I try to enjoy the half-second grace period of silence as her lower lip buckles in anticipation of the screaming and crying that are about to come.

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One Response to Shaken and Stirred

  1. Michele says:

    This reminds me of the time I had my Sister in Law watch my daughter while I took my husband to the ER (another story…). My niece, Jessica, is deaf, so my SIL is used to being able to talk (or shreik) in any tone of voice while rocking her to sleep at night. WELL, when she was putting Sabrina down, she yelled to my BIL for something, and Sabrina gave her the “saucer eyes of terror”. My SIL told me “I’m not used to children who can hear!”