You hold it down, I'll chew its face off

Yep, this is the bargain that Trixie has struck with us.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve reported on her development; a lot has changed over the last weeks. Trixie is starting to act like a real sentient being and not just a pooping machine. I’m here to bring you up to speed in the next couple of entries.

Trixie has become a very social little creature. She likes to look at people, she likes to interact with people and she likes to greet them with a giant, gaping mouth. She never actually bites, but if you don’t watch out you may end up with a hickey (she gave herself one on her arm earlier today.)

Her poor stuffed animals don’t fare as well. As you move one of her animals closer, her mouth opens wider and wider. If you pull the animal back, she closes her mouth a little bit, all the while carefully judging the distance from her jaws. If the animal gets within grabbing distance, it’s promptly seized. Then it’s gummed until thoroughly covered in slobber — or until she’s distracted by a tastier target.

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