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The good and the rancid

As a general rule, Trixie smells nice — it’s that wonderful “baby” smell that women are always swooning over. I smell her all the time. I’ll snort invisible lines across her stomach to get as much smell in as possible. … Continue reading

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Halloween Ideas

We’d like to invite our readers to suggest potential Halloween costumes for Trixie. Remember, we like original ideas; we don’t want Trixie to have the same costume as that baby down the street. Leave your suggestions in a comment, and … Continue reading

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Next week on TTU

Just wanted to let our loyal readers know that there’s a major milk story gathering on the horizon. We’re talking multi-part articles, photos, and a new permanent homepage addition: the dynamic, database-driven “Bottle Log.” Jennifer is even going to dust … Continue reading

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BVM Roll Over Testing

Trixie rolled over from her stomach to her back last Thursday for the first time. It’s funny to watch. I would have thought that rolling over is a function of arm control and leverage. It’s actually a result of neck … Continue reading

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A very bad week

This week is Jennifer’s first week on call and it hasn’t been a lot of fun. Moving from NYC with the MTA, and taking advantage of Chapel Hill’s excellent public transportation, we are a one-car family. So when Jennifer gets … Continue reading

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Revised Downward

In addition to the shots received last Thursday, Trixie got weighed at the doctor’s office. The new numbers confirm Jennifer’s assertion that babies do not maintain geometric growth beyond the first 4-6 weeks. In fact, Trixie gained less than two … Continue reading

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Hib DTaP Prevnar IPV

Now, I’m not a doctor, so I’m not exactly sure what the string of letters in the title actually stands for, but it is what Trixie got at the doctor’s office today. It was my understanding she was going to … Continue reading

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Of Showers and Photos

Two new site developments: The Showerometer: Rhymes with barometer. This is a small indicator at the top of the home page that displays the current shower situation. What is this good for? Well, it’s mainly for Jennifer’s benefit, so she … Continue reading

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