Self Defense

Trixie pulled a new trick on us in the bathtub last Thursday. About five minutes in, we catch a fleeting expression on her face and then watch in initial confusion as billowing, mustard-colored clouds rapidly spread throughout the water. Like an octopus or squid employing an ink screen in self defense, I think her plan was to disappear behind the plumes of poop, but alas, the bathtub was neither large enough nor deep enough for her to escape. We had to start the bath over from scratch at that point because the situation was about as sanitary as if we had just rinsed her off in an unflushed toilet.

[A note about baby poop: It’s a liquid. Milk-fed babies do not ever have solid poop (until they switch to regular food.)]

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2 Responses to Self Defense

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh dear! That was gross!!!

  2. Grandma Ellie says:

    Thanks for sharing!