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An A.M. Shower? Heresy!

Actually, it’s true. This morning hasn’t been too bad. It’s before noon and both of us have had a shower or a bath, but for different reasons. Without naming names, let’s just say that one of us needed to wake … Continue reading

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Burn out

After a spectacularly messy diaper (category 5) that eventually necessitated a full-blown tub bath, followed by a quick trip to the milk bar, Trixie finally collapsed into a heavy sleep. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll stay down until … Continue reading

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Poor pitiful, little Trixie

Boy howdy, it’s been a rough day. Trixie won’t stop screaming. Hungry? No. Wet? No. Gassy? No. Exhausted? I would think so, but no, she still has plenty of energy available for more screaming. Today also marks a pitiful milestone: … Continue reading

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Shark Attack

It’s hard to predict how any given breast-feeding session might unfold. Weeks and weeks ago, before Trixie learned to comfort-nurse, it was hard to get her to feed for more than five minutes at a time. Once she decided she … Continue reading

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can't coherent thoughts

Sorry there haven’t been a lot of posts lately. The lack of sleep has pretty much turned my brain to mush, and it’s become very difficult to string together coherent sentences. Don’t worry though, it’s a new week, and fresh … Continue reading

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Face Patterns

Here’s the new set of visual images created for Trixie. They were designed bearing in mind her preference toward faces. There are representations of the three of us, as well as a couple of cats and a robot thrown in … Continue reading

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Gravitational Influences

Trixie possesses some kind of remarkable internal mechanism, perhaps acute temperature sensitivity, a barometric prowess or the ability to detect minute variations in magnetic fields, that wakes her within ten seconds of laying her down by herself. She can be … Continue reading

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Belly Button Context

I realize now that some of the belly button images from our previous story might be a little graphic, especially since they were presented without any context. Not wanting to appear sensationalist, here’s a little bit about the images. 1) … Continue reading

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Evolution of a Belly Button

It took a couple of weeks, but Trixie now officially has a cute little “innie”. Note: the next post provides some context for this image.

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Winning the War

Some astute readers have inquired about the drop off in poop-related reporting. Is Trixie no longer perpetrating the acts that solidified her reputation as an excretory terror? In short, the situation is a lot better due to several different factors. … Continue reading

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