Putting Trixie to bed

“Hey, why is it getting dark in here?
There better be a movie or an eye examination starting soon, cause I KNOW I’m not going to sleep right now.
Are you crazy? WHY are you getting in bed? Don’t tell me you’re going to try to sleep. Hey – does that guy know what you’re doing in here?
What? He’s in on it?!

Fine, lady, we’ll do it your way. Just let me take a deep breath so I can cry louder.”

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2 Responses to Putting Trixie to bed

  1. Charlie says:

    Maybe you should try swaddling her at night, she will probably sleep better like that until she’s 3 or 4 months old. Gotta wrap ’em up tight like a polish sausage. Looks cruel but works amazingly well if done consistently.

    Results may vary.



  2. Ben Mac says:

    Well to be honest, we haven’t tried swaddling since about 4-5 weeks, so maybe it’s time to try it again. There was a point where wrapping her up only made her angrier. However, she does like being compressed and squeezed in the context of holding her to your chest — as long as her hands are free. Maybe we can find some middle ground. Thanks for the tip.