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She likes 'em all

My intention to scientifically determine Trixie’s preferences for the face patterns has largely come to nothing. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not running a real lab here, and on most days there’s barely enough time to get … Continue reading

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At TTU, your comments are important to us

We’ll try to be a better host and respond to comments with a post. Because it’s nice to get feedback on the site AND because it’s nice to get feedback on feedback, the new TTU policy is to respond to … Continue reading

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600 diapers yesterday

There’s really not much more to say. Well, actually, let me clarify (in order to head-off the confused and incredulous emails in my inbox), Trixie did not use 600 diapers yesterday, but rather exceeded that number cumulatively.

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Putting Trixie to bed

“Hey, why is it getting dark in here? There better be a movie or an eye examination starting soon, cause I KNOW I’m not going to sleep right now. Are you crazy? WHY are you getting in bed? Don’t tell … Continue reading

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If you knew what was in my diaper, you'd smile too.

Trixie has hit a couple of milestones that I haven’t had a chance to mention. She smiles now. This has been in development for about two weeks. Of course, babies can smile almost from day one, but that’s an involuntary … Continue reading

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I lied

OK, you know, sometimes the number DOES matter. Trixie has gone through 14 diapers so far and there’s still 32 minutes left in the day. I’m worn out. At one point this morning it was every 55 minutes. I felt … Continue reading

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The Big Five-Oh-Oh

What were you doing 10 a.m. September 13th, 2003? We were changing Trixie’s 500th diaper. 500 diapers. Five Hundred. Trixie hit this milestone on her 44th day in this world. I shouldn’t be surprised, because I knew she was averaging … Continue reading

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We survived the storm…

But Hurricane Trixie left a path of destruction in her wake. We have our power back on after three+ days, and the Trixie Update and the Trixie Picture of the Day will resume Monday, September 22nd.

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Doesn't look good

Electricity has flickered off three times already and the full impact of the storm isn’t expected until 3:00-6:00 this afternoon. What does Trixie think about all this? Not much — yet. Unfortunately, her opinion will probably change for the worse … Continue reading

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Storms a'coming

Is Isabel going to make it all the way to the Triangle? The weather here is still beautiful, but I’m starting to get worried. Trixie has been yowling and acting restless all day, and now she’s crawled under the couch, … Continue reading

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