Information Failure

Accurately recording Trixie’s breast feeding activity has proven impossible. She is clearly eating plenty based on the sheer amount of waste generated, but she acts like she’s starving and frantically makes the hand in mouth gesture all the time.

We’ve resorted to giving her a bottle of breast milk in the evening hours to try to determine if she’s really hungry. She takes the bottle great and will swallow a ton and then we’ll top her off later on. So far this approach has worked pretty well and prevented her from spiraling into a screaming frenzy.

The downside from a information perspective is that the “minutes nursed” charts are meaningless. She is clearly comfort nursing. She currently needs about 20 oz. of milk a day and she’s getting 4-5 by the bottle. Aside from this 25/75 ratio there’s not much more of interest regarding her intake. Waste however, is another story. Charts are forthcoming.

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