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Critical Mass

We have spent the last couple of days getting Trixie acclimated to the new Baby Bjorn carrier. It’s one of the ones that strap to your chest and allows the wearer to reclaim use of both hands. Trixie seemed a … Continue reading

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Drool, Spit Bubbles and the Like

Trixie has started down the road to drool-dom. It’s funny because there are really a lot of things that babies can’t do at first — things that seem so fundamental, that it’s surprising to discover they are without the ability. … Continue reading

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This chart is full of bad data

The data collected here was extremely helpful during the first 8 days as it predicted an average of about 133 minutes daily nursing. However, once Trixie stumbled across the idea of using Jennifer as a human pacifier, everything is thrown … Continue reading

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Information Failure

Accurately recording Trixie’s breast feeding activity has proven impossible. She is clearly eating plenty based on the sheer amount of waste generated, but she acts like she’s starving and frantically makes the hand in mouth gesture all the time. We’ve … Continue reading

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New Feature: Picture of the Day

Starting today, a new Trixie related image will be posted every day at midnight EST. You can always get to it from this page or bookmark

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20 minutes

That’s how long it took after her bath tonight before Trixie completely covered herself (and a loadful of linens) with a nice thick coating of urine, milk and poop.

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She's finally sleeping 2-3 hours at a time

Sleeping last night was horrible. She went to sleep at 1:00am. Then fed at 4:15, 5:00, 8:15, 9:00 and we finally got up around noon. We both feel sick. She’s happy as a clam.

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Baths do not make Trixie sleepy

We gave Trixie a bath around 8:30 tonight in hopes of relaxing her and trying to get her to fall asleep earlier. She took the bath fine, but proceeded to scream her head off for the next 3 hours. However, … Continue reading

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She played us for fools

Trixie is a very sneaky baby. After a second day of unusual feeding data, we now realize that the feeding spike reported earlier is not an accurate representation of Trixie’s milk intake. She’s been using Jennifer as a human pacifier, … Continue reading

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Feeding Spike

Trixie surprised us yesterday when she demanded 203 total minutes of breastfeeding, sharply exceeding the average of 133.25 minutes obtained over the previous eight days. This turn of events made for a rather long and fussy day.

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