Beatrix Valentina MacNeill is born Thursday July 31, 2003 at 9:52 pm. Her birth weight is 6lbs, 11ozs. She is 20″ long. She is named after Valentina Tereshkova — the first woman to travel in space.

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6 Responses to Arrival

  1. Sam H. Zealy says:

    We share the same birthday, although mine came in 1948 and we’re also Tarheels (I do prefer NC State over the sky-blue school). My kids are named for older generations of little girls….Mary and Alice.

  2. FrumDad says:

    Did you ever think back then that this site would grow to be what it is today? Or how many people from so far and wide would anticipate daily pics of your young’n with such excitement?

    Or how excellent and amazing Trixie herself was going to grow up to be, even in the meager 11 months so far?

    Pretty cool, ka?


  3. jan farley says:

    this is a delightful sight and I highly recommend it to any new parent.

  4. Bevin says:

    We also share the same birthday! Have you ever thought about – or do you already have – a page for people who share Trixie’s birthday? Love the site!

  5. jeska says:

    I’m guessing since you named her after Valentina Tereshkova that you’ve seen this:


  6. valentina says:

    I’ve know about this site since almost its inception and liked the idea of if. However, seeing as I didn’t have any kids at the time and wasn’t pregnant either, it didn’t keep my attention. Now with a 9 week old girl, I may have to read your archives.
    And yes, my name is Valentina for real. It’s unclear as to why. My mom said she just liked the name. My dad said it was for la Tereshkova. Either way, I’ve always loved my name and am extremely shocked to see anybody else named the same. And an old friend of mine is called Beatrix.
    Looking forward to catching with and keeping up with Trixie.